Top 5 reasons to get a portable rowing pontoon

Portable rowing pontoons (also known as docks or temporary bridges) are one of many ways to get rowers onto the water. They act as platforms to launch off of and return to from the water. It only makes sense then that rowing clubs invest in pontoons to get the most out of their rowing, […]

Rowing Club Roles #1: The 5 most important roles, key to success

Running a rowing club is a huge challenge and requires plenty of teamwork. If your club lacks people from any of the following roles you might want to consider adding a new member to your committee:

  1. President
    Presidents are in charge of all policy matters. They chair all meetings, oversee general conduct of the […]

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How to track your athlete’s progress

Coaches strive to develop their athletes to be better in every aspect of their chosen sport. The difficulty is tracking exactly how an athlete has improved so their training can be balanced, sustained and adjusted.

Test measurements are one way to appraise progress but daily self-measurement by the athlete can also be helpful for […]

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Train rowing club novices: Wraptor Balance FREE club trial


Have you heard of the number one way to save your club space and money? How do you encourage new athletes to join your club without wearing your resources thin? We’ve found the solution in the Wraptor Balance and are so confident that we’re […]