Add a splash of colour to your SSRS equipment

Do the standard red shade of SSRS oar racks clash terribly with your club colours? Have youRAL chart example been searching aimlessly for a paint colour that will match perfectly with your lavender purple and tumeric yellow oar blades?

Space Saver Rowing Systems feel your pain. That’s why we have taken the time to […]

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8 easy checks to prepare you for the new season

When was the last time you ran a routine check on some of the lesser components of your rowing equipment? Chances are, too long ago. It is easy to overlook the small things when attention focuses towards the larger issues in the club, such as repairing broken shells or purchasing new boats.

That is all fair […]

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Spread your wing [riggers]!

If your rowing club has any number of wing rigger boats, you’ll be familiar with the struggle of fitting multiple boats into the available boathouse space. If you use quick-release wing riggers and put two singles or doubles on a rack, then storing the riggers is your new problem.  Their burly dimensions make them challenging to store efficiently, […]

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Need more boat shed storage?

untidy scull storage Does this look familiar?

Is your boat shed so jammed full of equipment that you can’t actually move inside it?

Do you struggle find the right equipment when you need it?

Don’t worry, we’re sure you’re not alone.When your club boat shed houses 40+ […]