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At Space Saver Rowing Systems, we specialise in solving your boathouse storage problems through innovative design and robust function. Our products will maximise the space available in your boatshed and make it easier to get equipment in and out.

We firmly believe that more time spent on the water translates to better performance. As a result, all our products have been designed with user application at the forefront of design.

We are also experts in Boathouse Redevelopment – if you are planning to renovate or build a new watersport boathouse, we can show you how to maximise the space available to you. Find out more.

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“Doug’s company built our first set of Space Saver Oar Racks for the Stanford boathouse. These racks were cost-effective, good looking and truly functional. They take up much less space than our previous racks and look amazing. Best of all, the oar handles are suspended above the ground, which helps considerably with the lifespan of the grips and the prevention of potential bacterial infections like MRSA. We are outfitting our entire boathouse with them.“
Yasmin Farooq - Stanford University Rowing Coach
“I have used Space Saver Rowing Systems for a number of applications. I have always found them to be well thought out and designed and the materials used are of the highest quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending the SSRS products to any rowing program.”
Alastair Isherwood - Head Coach, Firbank Grammar School
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5 new things nobody tells you about rowing

December 11th, 2019|0 Comments

Much as I love list posts, the things which non-rowers don't know about rowing is a long, long list. This is what James Cracknell did to his (then) wife James Cracknell once wrote a list which was full of odd stuff Like number 3 - rubbing your hands on your girlfriend's legs when she is wearing stockings / tights... will ladder them. I mean this guy has a jolly odd mind.  Who does that? Real FACTS about rowing For the uninitiated here are the true things which rowing teaches you Friends for life - yep, these guys and [...]

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How to enjoy winter rowing

November 12th, 2019|0 Comments

Coming into winter I find that moving from outdoor to indoor training can be mentally tough.  Most rowers and coaches prefer to be on the water rather than in the gym. So we asked around  for tips on how to manage the transition.     Space Saver Rowing has three suggestions for you to try out. Missing regattas?  Create your own fun events - have a private match every 3 weeks for all your club members.  Or invite another club to your place and do an inter-club match.  Or create crews from every training group (Men, Women, Novices, Juniors, Masters) and [...]

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