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At Space Saver Rowing Systems, we specialise in solving your boathouse storage problems through innovative design and simplistic function. Our bespoke fitting products will maximise the space available in your boatshed and make it easier to get equipment in and out.

We firmly believe that more time spent on the water translates to better performance. As a result, all our products have been designed with user application at the forefront of design.

We are also experts in Boathouse Redevelopment – if you are planning to renovate or build a new boathouse, we can show you how to maximise the space available to you. Find out more.

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“Doug’s company built our first set of Space Saver Oar Racks for the Stanford boathouse. These racks were cost-effective, good looking and truly functional. They take up much less space than our previous racks and look amazing. Best of all, the oar handles are suspended above the ground, which helps considerably with the lifespan of the grips and the prevention of potential bacterial infections like MRSA. We are outfitting our entire boathouse with them.“
Yasmin Farooq - Stanford University Rowing Coach
“I have used Space Saver Rowing Systems for a number of applications. I have always found them to be well thought out and designed and the materials used are of the highest quality. I would have no hesitation in recommending the SSRS products to any rowing program.”
Alastair Isherwood - Head Coach, Firbank Grammar School
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5 reasons why you should take up dragon boating

May 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

There’s always that one sport or talent that we wish we had stuck with. It probably began as something our parents encouraged us to start when we were young, but perhaps life or boredom just got in the way. The good thing about hobbies and extracurricular activities is that you can always pick it back up. Sure, you may never be a world-class gymnast, but adults can still have fun on the tumbling mat. That’s why we at SSRS believe that anyone can and should pick up dragon boating. It’s a sport that involves a long boat with a dragon [...]

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Rowing safety 101: Looking after your rowing equipment

April 21st, 2017|0 Comments

As with any sport or activity, rowing has its own set of hazards and dangers. For starters, rowing boats aren't exactly the lightest of vessels, and being out on the water can still pose a risk for even the most experienced rower or swimmer. Another hazard that comes with rowing is also towards your equipment. Unsafe or inexperienced handling can lead to damaged rowing equipment, as well as cause injury to ourselves or other team members. All of this can be costly to fix. Whether you've been rowing for 30 plus years or have just started, it's important to keep health [...]

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