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August 2011

During times of financial instability we know one thought is at the fore-front of all rowing club manager's minds: how do we make money and keep our club afloat!?  Well we have a very simple solution for you, and it breathes fire.  We're talking dragon boats. Dragon What? Firmly established in the boating world and growing with popularity, dragon boats are seen far beyond the Hong Kong market.  They're visually attractive vessels propelled by the power of 22 members.  This makes them a fantastic

With technology's exponential growth rate, it's no surprise that you can find almost anything online these days. As a rower, club manager, coach, or cox, this can be used to your advantage.  We've compiled a list of free online tools that can assist rowers with training sessions, recording ergo scores and creating email group listings for coaches, coxes and the crew. Scheduling A handy tool for getting the team together is a simple online scheduling system,doodle, where you create an event, set

Organising athletes can be a major job, and a major pain, but we're going to help make it a little bit easier for you. Structure is everything, and it all starts with a few simple lists. See our own Rowing Athletes list below. It's simple and user friendly, and has everything you need to stay on top of things. The Specifics Under 'Contact Me' you should outline specific times of the week and day that members can get in touch with you because

We know your team has expensive rowing equipment, and despite the chummy atmosphere of rowers at regattas, races and practices, you want to keep it safe.  Welcome to the SSRS Security box, where you can protect and recharge yourelectronic rowing equipment. You can keep your Nielsen Kellerman (NK) coxboxes safe and charged with 10 custom-designed spaces manufactured just for this equipment.  If you don't shop NK you can get your storage box with one flat tray which also works for speed coaches, OR take advantage of