Rules for your Rowing Club: Its Not Safe to Row on The Water When…

The weather looks questionable. This includes, thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and fog. It may sound intuitive but weather can change in a flash on the water, and turn a mild, cloudy day into a wild storm in minutes. Fog is particularly dangerous for rowers. It can surround you very quickly, and not just vision but […]

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Is Your Rowing Club Inclusive?

For many rowing clubs out there, competition and winning is the main goal, but rowing is just as much about fun as it is winning. Many people join clubs to enjoy themselves, meet new people, participate in the club atmosphere and enjoy the thrill of competition at their own level. And the truth is […]

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Space Saver Rowing Systems Supports Qld Flood recovery

Space Saver Rowing systems donated a Scull oar bracket to be auctioined off during the Melbourne Mercantile Rowing Club’s fund raising event.

The event was on the – 5th February 2011

What can you do to assist.

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