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May 2012

Towing a boat trailer is a fact of life for us rowers - particularly, if you're a coach, a dragon boater, a volunteer driver, or a boat club manager. There are lots of tips for how to do it successfully - a main one being know your length and clearance, proceed with caution, and make sure your boathouse has insurance! (Speaking of which, here's a great podcast on what insurance to get for your boat club). Here is a link to a great safety

Dragon Boating is unique among the sports we 'paddlers' involve ourselves in. For instance, a single dragon boat carries enough people for two soccer teams - compare that to your single scull!  Below we have some helpful articles for boat club managers about dragon boating, from safety protocol to stretching, teamwork and finances. Safety First Dragon boating is unique and therefore carries its own safety guidelines. Your own guidelines should be related to your club specifically, your location - waterways and the

In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is settling in - you can feel the chill on the water, right?  It's time to clean out the boathouse before winter training.  Below we've put together a checklist of things to do around the boat club. Did we forget anything? Add to our list! Wash boats - Wash them off and hose them down!  USE SOAP - washing up liquid is great and don't forget to rinse off all the dirty suds. Service boats - Make a list

Thanks to our friends at Rowperfect, we bring you a collation of the diverse activities which rowing clubs undertake in order to raise funds. Scroll to the bottom of this article to find 3 additional resources from Space Saver all about fundraising and finances, including our e-book of fundraising hints and tips. Make the rowers cook! It goes like this: tickets are purchased for a "strictly dinner" event where the athletes both cook for and serve to the guests.  There will need to be culinary standards,