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July 2012

Comparing ergo scores of athletes whose body weights have a large variance is one of those difficult biannual tasks for coaches. Power vs. weight ratio is an important consideration in coaches' selection criteria for crews. A larger athlete is reasonably able to produce more power on a rowing machine. But when a larger athlete sits in a single scull in the water, racing a lighter athlete, the larger athlete produces more drag due to the level at which the scull sinks into

If you still use the 'classic' pen and paper to sign out boats at your rowing club, you're a bit behind the times. Why not make life a little easier for you and your members, a little more organised, and save a few trees while you're at it. We've discovered a free electronic logbook for rowing (take a peek). EFA - The free logbook program It's pretty easy. The device is called EFA, and can be used on a boathouse computer -

Regularly checking your rowing and sculling shells are, well, a hassle, but a necessity of rowing club management. But don't fret, we've found you something that will make it a little bit easier. George D. Kirschbaum, Jr. - a coxswain and writer of many years has done one more favor for his fellow rowers across the internet. He's provided a thorough shell condition checklist that covers: Hull/skin Riggers Internals Equipment When to check: Now the key to avoiding long term damage is to regularly

Rigging isn't an art, it's a science. Today we're sharing a great website we found that lists tables giving the spread for oar length and inboard. It's all calculated for you, and included is the rough equation if you'd like to do the work yourself. We suggest you print this cheat sheet out and post it around your rowing club. Let's make everyone's lives a little bit easier. Get the rigging ratios The author sets out the ratios for sweep oars Hatchets Big 25/52s Non-smoothie For oar