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August 2012

(Well, keep it safe at least)  We talk a lot about keeping club members safe, but what about keeping yourclub safe?  Your club is filled with all kinds of valuables, from the rowing shells to the coxing equipment; you don't want anything to go missing.  Here are some suggestions of how to keep those valuables safe. Lock it up - Use combination locks with complicated numerical systems. A (literal) Safe - Each team (or boat) can have a collective safe for keys and phones of the

As we watch the Olympians tearing through the water in their races for Gold, we're naturally inspired to push ourselves, sometimes past our limits, in our own practices and races.  Inspiration is a great thing, but not if it leads to injury.  No matter the season it's smart to be safe when it comes to rowing.  The management at your rowing club, along with coaches and members should be aware of common rowing injuries, basic treatments, and most importantly, prevention

Organising athletes can be a major job, and a major pain, but we're going to help make it a little bit easier for you. Structure is everything, and it all starts with a few simple lists. See our own Rowing Athletes list below. It's simple and user friendly, and has everything you need to stay on top of things. The Specifics Under 'Contact Me' you should outline specific times of the week and day that members can get in touch with you because