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September 2012

Fundraising is a never-ending task for rowing clubs. We've taken a tip from Rowperfect and added to their list of Quarterly Fundraising ideas. Creativity is key when you're fundraising, so let your imagination run amok! Want more ideas? Check out our e-book: Fundraising Hints and Tips for your Rowing Club. Night at the Movies Host a movie screening, like Philadelphia City Rowing. Choose a film that's relevant to your location or rowing.  Make sure to give the event lots of charm - rent

If we haven't already, it's time to connect.  I invite you to join my LinkedIn Network, because I love meeting and connecting with fellow rowers.  After all, it's all about community! (Well, I suppose there's that water aspect too

Ah, the painstaking task of purchasing rowing equipment. Now that you have begun your new season, you have probably noticed a growing list of new rowing equipment you just can't do without. Fear not, with the help of boathouse finder and the fine writing of Mike Davenport, we have pulled together a three-part series on how to purchase the correct rowing equipment for your needs, at a price you can afford. Let's try to make this process as painless as

Your rowing coaches are the pillars of your boathouse.  As such it's crucial that you support them in your role as a rowing club manager.  Below we have a great article from Mike Davenport, coach and writer extraordinaire.  He outlines 9 points based on his excessive experience that he knows about coaches today.  Take a read and share it with the coaches in your club. Let me blast you with 9 things we know about coaching sports today (any level, any