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October 2013

What do you think of when club meetings come to mind? Boredom? Waste of time? No energy? Time to spruce up those meetings and get everyone involved! If your meetings aren't engaging then maybe you've missed a few steps in the process. Here’s what we've found makes meetings far more enjoyable so you get the most out of them and boost attendance from your club members: 1. Frequency Having meetings too often can be taxing on all involved, however having them  too far

Coaches strive to develop their athletes to be better in every aspect of their chosen sport. The difficulty is tracking exactly how an athlete has improved so their training can be balanced, sustained and adjusted. Test measurements are one way to appraise progress but daily self-measurement by the athlete can also be helpful for a coach. The results also help with the coaching of other athletes because they can be used for future reference or to modify training regimes overall. We want

THIS FREE TRIAL HAS EXPIRED Have you heard of the number one way to save your club space and money? How do you encourage new athletes to join your club without wearing your resources thin? We’ve found the solution in the Wraptor Balance and are so confident that we’re happy to give your club a trial run! What is the Wraptor Balance? The Wraptor Balance is a floatation device to help novices get used to the balance and flow of rowing. It straps

The Fontana Boathouse: a tribute to architect Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright is a acclaimed architect who passed away on April 9th in 1959. His designs however have lived on. Finishing construction and opening in 2007, the Buffalo, NY Fontana Boathouse was built from a design started in 1905. This achievement came about when several rowing friends banded together. They combined his design with their vision of a waterfront hotspot for rowers, the public and especially tourism. Lloyd Wright’s work focuses

Mike Davenport explores many interesting rowing topics on his blog: Coaching Sports Today. As we read through his blog we found that he uses the metaphor of a vehicle dashboard to describe the things we should check about the performance of coaches. “Similar to the dashboard in your car a coaching-dashboard has instruments, or metrics, that give you feedback. Feedback that can tell you whether you're on track, getting better or not, or if there's anything that you need to pay attention to