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November 2014

The safety of your rowing club members, of your athletes, is of the utmost importance. They're your reason for being and for doing what you do as a club. Boathouses are one of the places a rowing athlete can get hurt the most and that's because there can be loose heavy objects and slippery surfaces everywhere - but there don't have to be. They're like construction sites, all you need is safe equipment and a mental "hard hat" on and

Some boathouses just aren't with the times. It's not all about technology though, it's about adapting a boathouse to be better at doing what it needs to! An old boathouse tends to be slippery, damage gear easily, are hard to navigate, regularly lead to stored items being lost or stolen, and are open to any number of mishaps to those that use it. To us, this is unacceptable! So we're here to help you modernize your boathouse with the new tips