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December 2014

Methodist Ladies College (MLC) in Melbourne, Australia have had their boathouse kitted out with some space saving gear from us! Here's what their rowing shed looks like now Cleaner, easier and more accessible rowing for all! We had a fantastic time fitting this shed out and it looks fantastic. I'm sure you can spot our Wing Rigger Racks, Oar Brackets and Boat Storage Sliding Arms. Join them and

While we're sad to see the 2014 year go, it certainly is a great excuse to throw on a big event and earn some extra dollar for your rowing club. You're with Space Saver Rowing Systems and this is the December 2014 Rowing Club Fundraising post: Row To Santa Challenge Here's an interesting idea - calculate the distance from your rowing club to the north pole and run a "row to santa" erg-a-thon, where a team of rowers join forces to row