Boathouse Quarterly: University Of Tennessee

This boathouse quarterly post we’re taking a look at the stylish and vast boathouse at The University of Tennessee.

A Tour

We explored their tour video and noticed a great rundown of boathouse needs as well as the chance to admire the place first hand…

What’s So Special About This Boathouse?

Watching this video […]

Stop Worrying As A Coach Part 2: Jimmy Joy

To expert coach Jimmy Joy, planning is everything when it comes to dealing with worry and stress as a rowing coach. The challenges that come with organising a rowing club and its coaching is extensive. But we’re looking to find the answers for you.

In this post we hope to outline how rowing coaches […]

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Stop Worrying As A Coach Part 1: Mike Davenport

Professional rowing coach Mike Davenport returned to coaching after a 5 year break.  Find out why the job stress caused him to quit and then re-consider coaching again.  If your club has trouble retaining coaching staff, this article is important for you to read.

In this post we hope to outline how rowing coaches […]

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Transporting Equipment with Trailers Part 3: taking the trip and driving safely

Now comes the tricky part in Part 3 of our series for towing rowing boats and equipment with trailers. It’s a different kettle of fish altogether because rowing equipment is often awkwardly shaped and quite heavy when loaded.

Cornering: beware of being tipped over

Turning corners gets more difficult with heavier and bigger vehicles. There’re two important […]

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