5 ways to motivate your rowing club committee

One of the biggest challenges for a rowing club president or captain is to manage, motivate and assist their club committee in running the club. Sometimes this all comes down to motivation and engagement with your current committee members, which we can help you improve!

5 ways to motivate your rowing club committee:

1. Socialise To Strengthen […]

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How To Keep Rowing Electronics Charged And Protected

Isn’t it annoying when your electronic rowing equipment goes missing? Even more rage-inducing is when you take it out onto the water just to realise it’s out of battery!

Don’t let these things happen again. Instead, store and charge your rowing electronics in one special place using a Rechargeable Security Storage Box.

FOR USA | […]

Transporting your rowing gear: moving oars by plane

Transporting rowing equipment can be a hassle, especially when flying is involved. With so many rules and regulations (not to mention disclaimers when damage to the equipment occurs) it can mean the difference between a smooth trip and an absolute nightmare arriving without your gear. Not to worry though! In this post we’re covering the […]

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