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February 2015

Keeping track of your club members is one thing, but keeping track of your gear is another. And it’s incredibly important! You know as well as we do that rowing gear is expensive, and when lost or damaged it can be difficult for clubs to handle. Solution? Rostering! This week we’re talking about Boat Rosters and how to integrate them into your club (or improve on them). What is a boat roster? A boat roster is a scheduled list of who is using

You could win a revolutionary SSRS oar bracket for your boathouse this month, all for giving us a helping hand. How do I enter? Long story short, we're looking for a new boathouse to work with, and we know our readers have their fingers on the pulse of the boathouse world. If you can get us in touch with a new boathouse contact that turns into a working relationship, we'll hand over to you a free SSRS oar bracket to use in your

We know that the life of a rowing coach is often less than forgiving. That's why we asked top rowing coaches from around the globe about how they manage stress and keep themselves at peak readiness for their rowing coach careers! Better yet, everything they said can be found in our FREE eBook - Stop Worrying As A Coach Pick it up for free now on our store and help yourself or a fellow rowing coach make every day that much easier. The

Looking to label up your boathouse but keep it looking sharp? Well we're now stocking magnetic strips that're perfect for your Rowing Club! Cleaner, better boathouses Sticky labels can look nasty and cause a mess, especially when you need to change what's written on them. With magnetic labels you get: Maneuverability (re-position to look clean) Re-usability (rub off and rewrite) Simplicity (lift and place) and if you're in need of more in a pinch, you can easily cut a magnetic label into two! They're feature-full, functional and