3 reasons to pick up rowing

This might surprise you, but we love rowing at SSRS. It’s our passion for getting out on the water that led us to design and manufacture boathouse storage solutions, after all.

From businesses like ourselves to competitive rowers, we all caught the rowing bug from somewhere – and it’s kept us coming back for more.

If you’re considering getting into rowing, here are three excellent reasons to do so as soon as possible.

  1. It’s a fantastic exercise

It won’t surprise anyone that rowing is a good way to work out, get fitter and potentially lose weight, but did you know exactly how great it is?

Even at a steady pace, Live Strong estimates that you burn around 500 calories with an hour of rowing – a quarter of what an average woman consumes in a day, and a fifth of what men require. By comparison, a leisurely bike ride will burn around 360.

So if you’re looking to work those muscles, build strength, work in some fantastic cardio and have fun along the way, rowing is a great option.

A cox tossA cox toss, image courtesy of row2k.com

  1. It could lift your mood

Life in 2017 can be pretty stressful, with busy work schedules and other responsibilities infamous for piling up. It’s no wonder some people feel stressed and anxious throughout the day.

But exercise is credited with improving your mood through the release of chemicals like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins. That sense of well-being you get coming out of the gym? It’s your brain rewarding itself for a job well done.

As an exercise, rowing is perfect for burning a few calories, but it’s also a catalyst for your body releasing these feel-good chemicals. It’s credited with helping people sleep better at night by reducing their levels of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as leading to a boost in their long-term memory. It’s called “rower’s high”, and we encourage you to try it out!

dragon boat team

  1. It’s a great way to be social

Rowing clubs are often a tight-knit group. Whether you’re rowing alone and gathering stories to share about your favourite routes or rowing equipment, in tandem or with potentially dozens of others in a dragon boat, there’s a unique bond that’s made between people with similar interests all pulling in the same direction.

You can also see some pretty incredible sights from the water, which gives you great memories to share with your friends and family – whether that’s inside your rowing club or outside of it.

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