Much as I love list posts, the things which non-rowers don’t know about rowing is a long, long list.

woman with ladder in stockings tights

This is what James Cracknell did to his (then) wife

James Cracknell once wrote a list which was full of odd stuff

Like number 3 – rubbing your hands on your girlfriend’s legs when she is wearing stockings / tights… will ladder them.

I mean this guy has a jolly odd mind.  Who does that?

Real FACTS about rowing

For the uninitiated here are the true things which rowing teaches you

  1. Friends for life – yep, these guys and girls are with you through thick and thin
  2. Rivalries are to be celebrated – local derby, regular opponents…. there are so many.  But we use them to learn to adapt, to improve.  We celebrate racing.
  3. The views of nature are out of this world.  Dolphins, swans, seals, fish, birds, sometimes crocodiles…. rowers see nature first hand.
  4. Nobody can do a ‘perfect’ stroke.  As a famous classical musician said when asked why he was still practicing aged 83, he said “Because I think I am making progress”.  Rowing is the same.
  5. Learning to test your limits is a life skill – rowing teaches you about what is possible, what you didn’t know you could do and how to apply that to the rest of your life.

What did we miss?