World Rowing recently ran an article with 5 tips for making the most of boathouse storage.   And although we are delighted to read a mainstream article about our area of specialism, we really feel that they missed out on some obvious ones.

World Rowing’s tips for shed storage

  1. Sling small boat shells from the ceiling
  2. Double up – two singles on one rack (one upside down and the other the right side up so the riggers don’t clash)
  3. Use old oars as bannisters and door handles 
  4. Repaint a boat bay and turn it into an ergo room
  5. Make an outdoor courtyard space for a post-row drink

Read the full World Rowing article.

What was missing?

Half sized Oar Bracket

Hold your Sweep Oars in that extra tight space.

Well now that you ask…. Space Saver would have liked to see some insights into:

  • Oar storage
  • Electronics (cox boxes and GPS speed tracker) storage
  • Tools and boat spare parts
  • Rigger storage
  • and possibly boat repairs