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Space Saver Rowing Systems – World Leaders in Boathouse Storage Solutions, Since 2006

We bet you would like a larger boathouse to fit all your rowing equipment in, right?
Sure, we all would. But the reality is, building a new boathouse is expensive!

At Space Saver Rowing Systems, we use innovative design to make the best possible use of your existing storage space, for a fraction of what it would cost to build a new boathouse. 

Our products are designed and manufactured locally in Australia and are made from premium, long lasting materials. What’s more, they are designed by rowers, for rowers. We understand how your boathouse works and believe we have come up with the most efficient way to store and retrieve your rowing equipment, in the World!

We offer tailored solutions to best suit the needs and priorities of your boathouse, with a range of products guaranteed to make life easier for everyone at the club. Spend less money on repairing and replacing equipment, less time getting to it and more time being where you should be – on the water!

Building a new boathouse anyway?

Talk to us about how you can maximise the use of your new space.

We are also experts at boathouse management and cover a range of useful topics monthly in our blog – check it out!

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“Douglas provides well thought out and well made products to help rowing clubs and their storage issues. He had no trouble customising one of his standard products so that it would fit on to our existing racking system.”
-Jonathan Cantwell, Rowing Manager at Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

“Douglas has both vision and attention to detail that drives his business forward. His dedication to understanding marketing and his open-mindedness to new ways of approaching the market are refreshing.”
-Rebecca Caroe, Founder and CEO at Creative Agency Secrets marketing agency

How can we help improve your boathouse storage?