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You’re a keen rower or coach and possibly also involved in running your club, fund raising and helping to grow its membership…. You know that there’s a heap of experience and expertise about how to run a club well and occasionally you’d like to be able to get answers to your questions and tips from others who do your job in their clubs.

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We have a news blog where articles about rowing club organisation and management are published.
Realising that most clubs are volunteer-run, we know you need as many free resources as possible to keep the club running smoothly. SSRS is your source of high quality information that you can use and share with your club colleagues and your committee.

Want to know about

  • Cleaning oar and scull handles
  • Boat cleaning tips
  • Minimising boat damage inside the shed
  • Storing manuals for boat electronics
  • Logging repairs and maintenance schedules
  • Towing boat trailers
  • Single scull transport on a car roof rack
  • Organising a squad of athletes
  • Reporting to committee
  • Fund raising ideas
  • Free online tools for crew management

Our newsletter includes articles about all these and more. Get hold of our ‘check lists’ and use them for your club or crew.

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We look forward to sharing our expertise on boat house and rowing club management with you and hope you’ll be using our tips for your own crew.

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