Last week, SSRS had the privilege of installing their Sliding Arm Boat racks in the ANU (Australian National University) Boathouse in Canberra.

As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, the boathouse was a bit limited with it’s storage options. And do we have to mention the struggle their crews inevitably faced when retrieving their boats from the top of the stationary racks?

Does it look familiar?

anu boathouse ssrs

The old way…

anu boathouse ssrs

SSRS Sliding Racks have been installed on the far left wall.

anu boathouse ssrs

Old vs. New.

If you are tired of struggling and straining when getting your boats in and out, perhaps Sliding Arm Racks are the solution to your problems.

Our Sliding Arm Racks allow you to stack boats higher, safely, which equates to more free space on the floor area.

Perfect for clubs with limited resources available for boathouse expansion, SSRS Sliding Boat Racks provide an excellent intermediate solution. One that will create a safer environment for your crews, free up a tonne of space in your shed and save your crews time getting boats in and out of the boathouse.

Sliding Boat Racks are a cost effective, modular solution which allow a straight-backed lift to get boats in and out. Better yet, SSRS Sliding Racks can be retrofitted to existing boat racks.

Check out the end result!

By adding sliding arm racks to their boathouse, ANU have been able to almost eliminate the likelihood of damage to their shells. This money is in turn, being put towards a new fleet of boats.

We know what we would rather spend money on!

We would like to congratulate ANU on that subject, as their hard work and tenacity has paid off in achieving funding assistance from ANU Sports. The money of course going towards their new fleet.

Well done!!

We’re delighted with end result and hope the racks help to bring you many successes on the water!

Would you like to save money and space too?

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