Australian National University boat club bought a complete fit-out of their boat shed using Space Saver Rowing’s sliding arm boat racks.

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ANU Boat Club racking by SSRS

We shot this video so you can see how easily one person can move the boats on and off the racks once they are loaded in a balanced way.

The video features Douglas Lumsden – our founder – and he pulls a whole eight out with one hand.

Stoppers make for safe sliding

The rack designs include stops so that the boat glides outwards in two stages – when you listen to the video you’ll hear a gentle thud as the sliding arm reaches the end of the stopper and then a second one as the arm moves out towards the middle of the bay.

Being able to step actually underneath the boat to lift it off the rack means there is far less likelihood of damage from the gates above because the athletes are able to evenly distribute the weight of the shell when they lift it off the rack.  And it’s easy to slide back the rack arms with the push of a hand so the way is clear to walk out to the boating pontoons.

Detailed photos of boat rack & specifications