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Cheat Sheet for Rigging Ratios – Shhhhh

Rigging isn’t an art, it’s a science. Today we’re sharing a great website we found that lists tables giving the spread for oar length and inboard. It’s all calculated for you, and included is the rough equation if you’d like to do the work yourself.

We suggest you print this cheat sheet out and post it […]

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Race Plans for Coaches

As a boat club manager you need to support every member of your club, this includes the coaches. Create a platform for sharing knowledge among coaches to help them excel at what they do, creating happy members, and a well stocked club. You can start by printing out the blog post we’ve included below and […]

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How can you fit more boats into your boat house?

When it comes to dealing with large, heavy objects (boats) and numerous people (club members), safety and strategic planning for space optimization are of the utmost concern.  That’s why we paid special attention to an interesting question we received from a boat club manager in the UK, who simply wondered, how can you fit more […]

Resources for Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating is unique among the sports we ‘paddlers’ involve ourselves in. For instance, a single dragon boat carries enough people for two soccer teams – compare that to your single scull!  Below we have some helpful articles for boat club managers about dragon boating, from safety protocol to stretching, teamwork and finances.

Safety First

Dragon boating […]

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Winter’s Upon Us: A Boathouse Clean-up Checklist

In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is settling in – you can feel the chill on the water, right?  It’s time to clean out the boathouse before winter training.  Below we’ve put together a checklist of things to do around the boat club. Did we forget anything? Add to our list!

  • Wash boats – Wash them off and […]

5 Clubs (and 1 Company) Take a Unique Slant on Fundraising

Thanks to our friends at Rowperfect, we bring you a collation of the diverse activities which rowing clubs undertake in order to raise funds.

Scroll to the bottom of this article to find 3 additional resources from Space Saver all about fundraising and finances, including our e-book of fundraising hints and tips.

Make the rowers cook!

It […]

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