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4 Tricks to Ensure you’re up for Morning Rowing Practice

There might only be two kinds of rowers in the world: those who have slept through morning practice, and those who will sleep through it,someday. Getting up for a morning practice outing is always a hard grind, and there is no end of distractions, good and bad, that keep weary rowers from actually turning in a […]

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Buyers Guide: quick release rowing rigger fittings

There is often a substantial opportunity cost associated with removing conventional wing riggers in order to maximize the storage space in the boathouse. Many athletes and crews will argue the time taken to dismantle each boat after the session comes at a high price for the amount of space gained.

How much space is gained from […]

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Can you carry a single scull on a roof rack?

Do you know of any good guidelines for carrying sculling boats on the roof of cars with/ without a full sculling rack?  There has been an incident at our club as the bowball was tied down to the bumper and the strap worked loose and came undone and then got caught under a wheel […]

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Add a splash of colour to your SSRS equipment

Do the standard red shade of SSRS oar racks clash terribly with your club colours? Have youRAL chart example

been searching aimlessly for a paint colour that will match perfectly with your lavender purple and tumeric yellow oar blades?

Space Saver Rowing Systems feel your pain. That’s why we have taken the time to […]

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