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Fit More Boats into your Boathouse

We know what your boathouse looks like.  It's cramped. And it's time for a change. Ours is the same.

Be unconventional.  We recommend “Height over width”.
If your boathouse has space above the top vertical rack – we can help you use it profitably.  In an urban setting, we are sure we can help you find ways […]

In the Wake of a Storm: Safety Procedures for Rowing Clubs

Whether you’re in the U.S. or another pocket of the globe, you’ve surely heard of the wreckage Hurricane Sandy left in its wake on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. The event reminds rowing communities of the havoc a storm can leave around a boathouse, after it’s long gone.  Our article today gives us precautionary steps to […]

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How to Spot Wear on Your Oars

Old oars are a fact of life for most clubs.  They aren't the most dangerous bits of equipment but they can significantly affect your enjoyment of the sport.

What goes wrong with oars?

  1. The collar (sleeve) plastic wears into grooves
  2. The button plastic wears into grooves
  3. The tip of the spoon splits and delaminates
  4. Sweep handles get too smooth and […]
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