Get this anthology of Rowing Tales for your bookshelf

To us, rowing isn’t just something we enjoy during our spare time. We breathe, live and talk rowing. That’s why we relate so much to all the stories found in this book: Rowing Tales.

Rowperfect UK recently compiled this collection of over 40 stories from rowers of all ages and from all around the world. A few […]

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Gifts for the rower in your life – Merry Christmas from SSRS!

Woohoo – Christmas is nearly upon us!

Have you been naughty or nice this year? We hope the latter, or you may end up with a lump of coal in your boat! For you, the rower, you likely have a lot of other rowing buddies that’ll expect presents (we know you certainly are!). Or, if your […]

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3 tips on waking up early for rowing

When you tell other people you are a rower, they instantly assume many things.

Exhibit A: “I’m a rower.” Response: “Oh, you must have super strong arms!” *cue your biceps being groped without permission*

Exhibit B: “I’m a rower.” Response: “Wow, you must be really fit!” *cue your internal shame because you ate […]

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Boathouse spotlight: TiB’s funky water sports centre

It’s industrial meets chic. It’s function meets design. It’s concrete meets nature. The boathouse in the spotlight today is a building that was constructed under Berlin’s oldest sports club, TiB.

The project of this unique boathouse, the design brainchild of German architect, Oliver Mang, commenced in 2014. Along the […]

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What does your boathouse storage say about your rowing club?

Does your boathouse look like it could be featured in a magazine? Upon walking inside, do you think visitors will want to fill their social media feeds with photos tagged with #AestheticArchitecture of #BeautifulBoathouse?

You may not reach that level of organisation (we’re being honest here!), but it might be time to revamp […]

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Boathouse Spotlight: Eleanor Boathouse

Recently opened in late 2016, the Eleanor Boathouse is part of an ecological renewal of the once neglected and polluted Chicago River. It is one of two boathouses on the river designed by Studio Gang.

eleanor boathouse spotlight

The Eleanor Boathouse is composed of two buildings:


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3 ideas for building community within your rowing club

Club – a gathering of people that all share a common interest. When it comes to a rowing club, you know that you are surrounded by awesome (oar-some?), like-minded people.

However, bonding doesn’t necessarily come easily. People may be shy, new members are constantly joining or perhaps age differences get in […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Dragon Boating

There’s always that one sport or talent that we wish we had stuck with. It probably began as something our parents encouraged us to start when we were young, but perhaps life or boredom just got in the way.

The good thing about hobbies and extracurricular activities is that you can always […]

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Rowing Safety 101: Looking After Your Rowing Equipment

As with any sport or activity, rowing has its own set of hazards and dangers. For starters, rowing boats aren’t exactly the lightest of vessels, and being out on the water can still pose a risk for even the most experienced rower or swimmer.

Another hazard that comes with rowing is also towards your equipment. Unsafe […]

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