bXUnOkxTaking proper care of your rowing electronics can add years to their usable life. Aside from storing them in our robust Rowing Electronics Storage and Security Box, we have pulled together some tips in video form, which show you exactly how you can ensure they work as they should for years to come.

Cleaning & Maintenance Tips For Your CoxBox

After Practice

After practice in salt water, rinse lightly with fresh water and pat dry to remove excess moisture.  Avoid high pressure water on or near buttons and connectors.  After practice in fresh water pat dry to remove excess moisture.
Always disconnect microphone from coxbox before exiting the boat; do not leave mic plugged into coxbox overnight!

Weekly Maintenance

Do this weekly in saltwater and bi-weekly or monthly in fresh water.  Wipe down and check contacts are clean inside the rubber connector.  Add some grease if you can to the little pins.

How To Replace A Speaker

How The Wiring Works & How To Replace It

Why Is My Mic Static?

Special thanks to RowIntel for sharing their wisdom with us!