ANU Boathouse Upgrade Helps Fund New Fleet

Last week, SSRS had the privilege of installing their Sliding Arm Boat racks in the ANU (Australian National University) Boathouse in Canberra.

As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, the boathouse was a bit limited with it’s storage options. And do we have to mention the struggle their crews inevitably faced when retrieving […]

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Your Boathouse Action Plan| Part I

Is your club rapidly expanding? Are you worried your boathouse needs an overhaul to accommodate? We have a strategic way to increase your space and usability without redesigning from the ground up.

A client approached us who required a major overhaul which led us to develop our…

Boathouse Action Plan

This is a 4 stage boathouse upgrade which saves you […]

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Quick Release Wing Riggers & SSRS – A Winning Combo

There is often a substantial opportunity cost associated with removing conventional wing riggers in order to maximize the storage space in the boathouse. Many athletes and crews will argue the time taken to dismantle each boat after the session comes at a high price for the amount of space gained.

How much space is gained from […]

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The solution to your boat storage woes!

Are you tired of straining furiously to retrieve boats at dangerous heights, from unstable footings? Or perhaps your boatshed lacks the required floor space to store all of your boats effectively, making it difficult to access them when you need to – costing you valuable time on the water.

If your boat house has vertical roof […]