Tulsa case study + boathouse spotlight

Space Saver Rowing Systems are all about innovation. The team love tricky boathouse storage problems, because that means we can put our brains to work and conjure up a bespoke solution to maximise the space in your boatshed. This not only ensures your stacking systems are safe, but you can […]

ANU Boathouse Upgrade Helps Fund New Fleet

Last week, SSRS had the privilege of installing their Sliding Arm Boat racks in the ANU (Australian National University) Boathouse in Canberra.

As you can see from the ‘before’ pictures, the boathouse was a bit limited with it’s storage options. And do we have to mention the struggle their crews inevitably faced when retrieving […]

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Need more boat shed storage?

untidy scull storage Does this look familiar?

Is your boat shed so jammed full of equipment that you can’t actually move inside it?

Do you struggle find the right equipment when you need it?

Don’t worry, we’re sure you’re not alone.When your club boat shed houses 40+ […]

How can you fit more boats into your boat house?

When it comes to dealing with large, heavy objects (boats) and numerous people (club members), safety and strategic planning for space optimization are of the utmost concern.  That’s why we paid special attention to an interesting question we received from a boat club manager in the UK, who simply wondered, how can you fit more […]

SSRS Oar Rack User Review Norwich Rowing Club

We recently received a user review from a club testing out our Space Saver Oar Racks

Product: Space Saver Rowing Systems Oar rack – See the video here

Max Heron Club: Whitlingham Boathouses, Norwich Rowing Club

User Review:

  1. What comparable equipment do you usually use?
    1. Self produced timber racks, mostly horizontal, built over the years by club members
  2. How […]
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