How to enjoy winter rowing

Coming into winter I find that moving from outdoor to indoor training can be mentally tough.  Most rowers and coaches prefer to be on the water rather than in the gym.
So we asked around  for tips on how to manage the transition.  
Space Saver Rowing has three suggestions for you to try out.
  1. Missing regattas?  Create […]
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Silly Season Training Ideas

Over the festive season, motivation and focus during training can wane slightly. It’s to be expected and to be fair, your crew have probably earned themselves a rest. How about mixing up their training next time to something still beneficial, but with a bigger emphasis on fun? The camaraderie built during these sessions can be equally […]

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Key tips to Master the Art of Coxing

When you get to your first regatta you may be a little overwhelmed (this is normal).  Use the checklist below to make sure you are prepared and do not miss anything, and check out the videos below so you are fully prepared for what to expect on race day!

Regatta Coxswain Checklist

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