Rowing Club WARNING: Boathouses are like Construction Sites

The safety of your rowing club members, of your athletes, is of the utmost importance. They’re your reason for being and for doing what you do as a club. Boathouses are one of the places a rowing athlete can get hurt the most and that’s because there can be loose heavy objects and slippery surfaces […]

Boathouse Safety Basics

For this blog post we’re going back to basics for boathouse safety. We love innovating boathouses for maximum safety and efficiency, but at the end of the day if you haven’t covered the little things then the bigger innovations aren’t as effective. So here’s our short list of boathouse safety basics we feel every club […]

Rowing Club Fundraising Ideas – October 2014 Edition

Together with our friends at Rowperfect UK, we explore different ways for you to raise funds for your rowing club throughout the year.

One thing that fits perfectly alongside fundraising is a good side cause, and this month our side cause focus is on children! Us older folks need to nurture the next generation to […]

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Boathouse Quarterly: University Of Tennessee

This boathouse quarterly post we’re taking a look at the stylish and vast boathouse at The University of Tennessee.

A Tour

We explored their tour video and noticed a great rundown of boathouse needs as well as the chance to admire the place first hand…

What’s So Special About This Boathouse?

Watching this video […]

5 ways to motivate your rowing club committee

One of the biggest challenges for a rowing club president or captain is to manage, motivate and assist their club committee in running the club. Sometimes this all comes down to motivation and engagement with your current committee members, which we can help you improve!

5 ways to motivate your rowing club committee:

1. Socialise To Strengthen […]

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