Transporting your rowing gear: moving oars by plane

Transporting rowing equipment can be a hassle, especially when flying is involved. With so many rules and regulations (not to mention disclaimers when damage to the equipment occurs) it can mean the difference between a smooth trip and an absolute nightmare arriving without your gear. Not to worry though! In this post we’re covering the […]

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Top 5 reasons to get a portable rowing pontoon

Portable rowing pontoons (also known as docks or temporary bridges) are one of many ways to get rowers onto the water. They act as platforms to launch off of and return to from the water. It only makes sense then that rowing clubs invest in pontoons to get the most out of their rowing, […]

Train rowing club novices: Wraptor Balance FREE club trial


Have you heard of the number one way to save your club space and money? How do you encourage new athletes to join your club without wearing your resources thin? We’ve found the solution in the Wraptor Balance and are so confident that we’re […]

Boat Lights and Rowing in the Dark: How to Keep your Club Safe

Lights are a crucial tool for rowing in the dark. Dawn and dusk are enticing to rowers because of the water’s smoothness and the quiet when the wind drops, but rowing shells can become invisible at these times.

If you haven’t mandated lights for dusk rowing for your club’s boats yet you’re just inviting […]

Rowing rigging changes you can do to change catch/finish angles

Rigging has a reputation for being complex. But becoming an expert rigger really isn’t as difficult as you’d expect, particularly when you have handy tools to help you navigate your way through the process.  British Rowing Rigging Forum via Rowperfect Uk has provided us with such tools for coaches and rowers to learn from. […]

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