Gentle Giants: A Rowing Club with a Twist

Rowing as a metaphor for life is the motto of a unique and inspiring rowing club.  Space Saver Rowing Systems had the opportunity to get to know them when they purchased our Oar Brackets earlier this year.

They’re called the Gentle Giants, and if you’re a rower or rowing club manager, they are something to get inspired by. […]

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Rechargeable Security Storage Box

We know your team has expensive rowing equipment, and despite the chummy atmosphere of rowers at regattas, races and practices, you want to keep it safe.  Welcome to the SSRS Security box, where you can protect and recharge yourelectronic rowing equipment.

You can keep your Nielsen Kellerman (NK) coxboxes safe and charged with 10 custom-designed spaces manufactured just […]

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Mechanical Quad Stacker granted international IP treaty

We have some great news on the product development front. The Space Saver Rowing Systems Mechanical Quad Stacker has been granted an International Treaty Patent (PCT/AU2010/001493).

This is fantastic news for us as it recognises the unique nature of our flagship product. With this patent in place we will be able to take the Mechanical Quad […]

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