Resources for Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating is unique among the sports we ‘paddlers’ involve ourselves in. For instance, a single dragon boat carries enough people for two soccer teams – compare that to your single scull!  Below we have some helpful articles for boat club managers about dragon boating, from safety protocol to stretching, teamwork and finances.

Safety First

Dragon boating […]

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Winter’s Upon Us: A Boathouse Clean-up Checklist

In the Southern Hemisphere, winter is settling in – you can feel the chill on the water, right?  It’s time to clean out the boathouse before winter training.  Below we’ve put together a checklist of things to do around the boat club. Did we forget anything? Add to our list!

  • Wash boats – Wash them off and […]
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How to Learn from Safety Incidents and Share the Knowledge Around the Club

Nothing puts a damper on our favourite sport of rowing like common accidents on and off the water. Do any of these scenarios sound all-too-familiar?

  • Slipping in water puddling off boats fresh from the river
  • Dropping boats and fracturing them
  • Collisions on the water between boats (watch where you’re going!)
  • Collisions on the water with stationary objects – trees […]
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Rules for your Rowing Club: Its Not Safe to Row on The Water When…

The weather looks questionable. This includes, thunder, lightning, heavy rain, and fog. It may sound intuitive but weather can change in a flash on the water, and turn a mild, cloudy day into a wild storm in minutes. Fog is particularly dangerous for rowers. It can surround you very quickly, and not just vision but […]

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