How to: Rooftop Scull Transport

Cover image: Oarsport / Wintech Racing

If you’re a boat club manager, you’re dealing with transporting rowing equipment all the time.  Of course a trailer is the best way to get everything to your destination in once piece, but if you have to make do with rooftop transport, there’s a few things you need to […]

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Caring for Your Rowing Equipment

While SSRS can help you with all your rowing storage needs, taking care of your boat and equipment remains very important. There are all kinds of hazards out there waiting to have a crack at your equipment, including buoys, pollution, rust and even novice rowers. This is part 1 of a 3 part series on […]

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What’s Your Rowing Pain-Face?

Having been given the chance to photograph this year’s Pembroke Regatta, I thought I’d take you through some of the more typical manifestations of these so-called ‘pain-faces’, so that you can be prepared for Lent bumps, and all the photos it shall bring.

The Many Pain-faces of Rowing

1. The Angry Rower

A classic pain-face. Gritted teeth, terrifying […]

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