Dragon boats use Connect a Dock pontoons which make us glad

Space Saver was delighted to catch these photos of Dragon Boats training on our local lake and using the Connect-A-Dock pontoons we installed.

Don’t they look great? 

Three 4m x 15m pontoons were constructed and ready for anchoring in only 4 hours. The club members helped complete the work; no specialised skills required and smiles all round at how easy the job was.  Want some for your club?  Get in touch!

One dragon boat , Connect-A-Dock

One dragon boat alongside Connect-A-Dock

Dragon boat, Dock launching, pontoons for boating

Two dragon boats alongside Connect a Dock

Launch dragon boat, safe launch, water safety dragon boats

Dragon boats launching safely from Connect A Dock

Two connect a dock, gap for dragon boats

Spacing between Connect a Dock with two dragon boats.