Douglas Lumsden was the guest on the RowingChat podcast episode last month.

In the discussion with Rebecca Caroe he revealed how he first got the idea that boathouse storage was an issue for many clubs.  Doug’s background in sheet metal working allowed him to fast-track the design and development of the iconic Space Saver Oar brackets.

Timestamps to the show

0:00 About you and your background in rowing

03:00 What gave you the idea for Space Saver Rowing? Why is boathouse storage such a key issue today?

05:00 Your first product you developed was the oar rack  What was challenging / easy / why was this product needed?

12:00 Space Saver has affiliates around the world including RowAmerica

15:00 The latest product is a telescopic frame for single scull racking

18:00 Boat racking storage with a variable mount to allow adjustments and variations to be made after installation

22:00 The Design Process

24:00 Storing rowing electronics in a box for Youth and Student Rowing Clubs

29:00 Dragon Boating clubs are multi-sport and need electric hoists for boat racking – can also be used for coaching boats

35:00 Boating Docks and Pontoons

40:00 What’s on the horizon next? The Harvard and Weld Boathouse redevelopment using Space Saver Racking.