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Rowing electronics security and recharging modular boxes

A lot of a rowing club’s investment can be tied up in its electrical equipment. This equipment is often easy to misplace and keep track of. The Space Saver Rowing Systems Modular Boxes are a practical and secure solution designed specifically for the purpose and to withstand the Marine Environment. The modular system allows for expansion and each box is secured with a combination lock, allowing crews to have exclusive access to certain equipment. The Modular Electronics Boxes make it easy for all equipment to be stored, charged and cared for, giving coaches and rowers the peace of mind of knowing their equipment will be ready for them when they next come to use it. By caring for your sensitive electronics properly, not only will you know they are ready to be used when you need them, but you will reduce the money spent on replacements and servicing. For more information or a quote to suit your requirements please contact us or order now at the Online Store.

Store 20 electronic cox box units in a 500mm by 500mm cube

Store 20 electronic cox box units in a 500mm by 500mm cube

Contact Us for a quote or select one on our store (only available to Australia and the USA)


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