It’s often said there are two types of people in this world…… those who can get out of bed and those who can’t.

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One alarm or several?

Rowers have to be able to get out of bed.

Coaches can easily get out of bed (lifetime practice).

Coxswains just need to be early enough to beat the slowest rower.

Managers can work 9 to 5 and don’t need to get up early.

Top tips for getting up for rowing

Multiple alarms – well this is obvious.  If hitting the snooze button is your wont you have to have multiple recurring, ever-louder alarms.

Then of course you can select the ring tone – I have a couple which are designed to get louder and louder – the best one is “Radar” from the default Apple sounds – Cosmic is also pretty loud as is Presto.  You can pick from your music or upload something very individual.  

I also label my alarms – in increasing urgency as each five minute period passes.   Here’s a funny one for someone who wants to go running.

Line up your excuses

Being late for rowing is a fact of life.  At some point you will be late.  End of.

So here are six helpful antidotes which Row2k has kindly catalogued for you to lift and use!   The comments about the “flying alarm clock” and the “alarm cat” are brilliant.

  • The multiple alarms gambit
  • The Wake up Buddy approach
  • The Alarm-out-of-reach trick
  • The Light-sleeping room mate ruse

Sleep well!

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Alarms to encourage sport.