Gifts for the rower in your life – Merry Christmas from SSRS!

Woohoo – Christmas is nearly upon us!

Have you been naughty or nice this year? We hope the latter, or you may end up with a lump of coal in your boat! For you, the rower, you likely have a lot of other rowing buddies that’ll expect presents (we know you certainly are!). Or, if your significant other is struggling to come up with some grand ideas on what to get you, just point them in this direction.

A few gift ideas for the rower in your life

Cox for chocolate mug

This is the time of the year where you can’t pretend you don’t like your cox. As much shouting as they do, you have to admit that their bossiness does come in handy at times! Buy them a mug that really shows your appreciation – this “will cox for chocolate” mug is perfect!








Eat Sleep Row Repeat t-shirt

Some people just breathe rowing. With every waking moment, their life is dedicated to the next regatta, training session or just a chance to get out on the water. For those special people in your life, they need this t-shirt. 

This way, everyone will know they’re a rower without having to explain it!







Rowing Tales Anthology

For the rower and reader in your life, they’ll love this anthology. It’s a compilation of rowing anecdotes and stories from all types of rowers – Olympians included! 42 people have contributed their personal tale, so give the gift of the gab this season.











Rowing Reindeer Tree Ornament

There’s nothing better than the smell of pine… or is there? What about a new Christmas tree ornament that’s a depiction of rowing reindeer?

Yes, it’s true, and you heard it here first. This makes an adorable gift for any rower in your life, and it is sure to be a present that’ll stick around for many festive seasons to come.






Sculling Oar Bracket

This Christmas, why don’t you organise a gift back to the club?

It’s important for a boathouse to have adequate space and an organised racking system to ensure the health and safety of its members. And, the festive season is also a great time to get together for some food and to reminisce over the past year. Turn it into a fundraising event instead and purchase a gift that everyone will benefit from.

This scull oar bracket is one of Space Saver Storage Systems’ top sellers. It holds 16 sculling oars with its innovative design, and is sure to be a great hit alike coaches, coxes and all rowers.






That’s it for now! Stay safe, keep warm, and have a very Merry Christmas from the team at SSRS!

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