Coming into winter I find that moving from outdoor to indoor training can be mentally tough.  Most rowers and coaches prefer to be on the water rather than in the gym.
So we asked around  for tips on how to manage the transition.  
Space Saver Rowing has three suggestions for you to try out.
  1. Missing regattas?  Create your own fun events – have a private match every 3 weeks for all your club members.  Or invite another club to your place and do an inter-club match.  Or create crews from every training group (Men, Women, Novices, Juniors, Masters) and run an erg relay event
  2. Publicise your progress – each time you do a standard session (30 minutes; 10 km) add your score to the club noticeboard.  Use bright colours to show who’s improving their score.
  3. Add social events to training – Go to the pub or out for a crew meal  (pizza and curry are favourites) after training once a week.

The trick to any long time period in your rowing is to break it up into stages and enjoy each stage while sharing it with your club mates.  

Long training sessions boredom?  

We got some ideas for you that will help you through the endurance training too

  • Listen to rowing podcasts.  Rowing Chat and The Row Show are popular 
  • Send your training video into Aram Training and watch him analyse your mistakes [only for the bold]
  • Put Cameron Buchanan on the big screen while you erg and listen to his crazy #YamSquad rowing exploits

What do you do in your crew to get through the long winter training sessions? 

Does that give you enough ideas?