Standard construction warehouse steps, built for simple tasks like accessing small items from high shelves, aren’t as suited to boat houses as you may think.

Water and corrosive materials can get into your shed and make surfaces slippery. This means that normal steps used in boathouses need springs and rubber footing fitted to them, after you realise they’re not the safest for a boathouse environment. The engineering to do this properly isn’t cheap nor easy to find. For example, when you think you’ve got safe springs for load balancing you could actually be taking an unnecessary risk.

To achieve total stability, our Anti-Tilt Steps sink on to machined rubber mountings when under load, preventing them from moving. The easy to move design also means there is no need for rowers to stretch and lean with boats over their heads, improving safety and injury prevention.

Movable Anti-tilt Steps are the right solution for your boathouse

  • All features are built in, rather than you having to pay extra to retrofit normal steps.

  • Our wheel assembly is near faultless, compared to other step systems.

  • Rubber feet and anti-tilt aspect of our steps make them one of the safest boathouse products around.

  • The engine mounts in our steps are equivalent to a small motor, able to carry 4 full grown people at once without straining.

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