It’s that time of year as regattas come up in the Southern Hemisphere – you want the club oars looking sharp and newly painted.  It’s an annual job. 

One year my coach took our oars into a nearby hay field and sprayed them with car paint from an aerosol.  They didn’t dry and we ended up rowing with coloured dribbles down the oar spoons.  Not a good look.

If you want to do a “traditional paint job” on your oars – here are some resources explaining how to do it.

A modern approach that’s quicker

We came across a company called Regatta Print in USA who has designed decals that fit all oar manufacture sizes and designs.  They are a printing company and so you buy decals which you can use to wrap the oar spoons.  Just like wrapping a car with corporate logo / insignia.

Regatta Print is the company.

I haven’t found anywhere else who does this – Regatta Print started out as a signage company printing information for regatta organisers and so stepping across into printed decals for oars is probably logical.  What’s important is that they have the right sizes for Concept2, Croker and other popular oar designs.  The sizes of each oar spoon are subtly different.

Order early!

And here’s a great video by Mike Davenport (he wrote the book on Rigging) about how to  wrap oar blades – so you can see how to do it yourself.


And lastly a funny side-story from a coach who had spare paint after doing  the club blades….


It seems as if every summer, I have had one outstanding goal that I feel I must accomplish before summer ends. This summer, I have been given the job of painting the oars for the crew team. Sure, it seems like a fairly simple task, but as I began I realized the true complexity of it. First you must transport the oars. Lucky for me, we have roof-mounted oar racks available. So I get them all home…

Well, most of them home anyways. We have quite a few more.
First we stripped the paint and sanded down the oars, then taped off the design for the first color.

Now I’m sure most of you are wondering why I am talking about painting oars on a techsite, let alone in the cases thread (that is unless you noticed the title :lol: ). It came to my attention that we are going to have some paint left over. Like a lot.

So I decided to go ahead and paint anything i can think of. Naturally, the color are crimson and cream (boomer sooner) and it is auto paint. I decided to paint my road bike and my laptop case. So, I began the deconstruction of my laptop… read the rest of the article.  It doesn’t end well.