Come the year end many crews take time to review their  past year and plan their future.

If the season hasn’t been what you hoped, change is needed.

If you rocked every goal – congratulations.

Remember if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.

What new equipment do you want for next year?  A boat? Some oars?  

Most clubs have to fund raise before they can go shopping.  Let Space Saver help you out. 

So why plan your rowing year?

This is a really great spreadsheet which will help you to set out the full range of activities and dates through the year.  Our team pulled it together to help assist you.

SSRS Club Fundraising Planner

Further, Space Saver has a giant archive of articles which go through all sorts of suggestions of things you can do to revv up your club fund raising programme. Take a read of all fund raising articles.

In here you’ll find ideas like the helicopter raffle drop and the Row to Santa Challenge.

Fund Raising articles and advice for sport clubs. Click photo for link