Any sport can cause physical injury if approached incorrectly – with poor form, or inadequate warm up/cool down habits.  At your rowing club you want to encourage good form and good practice – you want to increase longevity in your rowers so they can enjoy the sport well through their masters.

Below we have a great article series from Ben Rodford, written for Rowperfect.  Share it with the coaches around your club and include it in your club newsletter to your rowing community.

  1. Managing and Avoiding Lower Back Injury – Posture. This article discusses the importance of posture in your rowing technique, it includes helpful videos so that you can judge if the way you’re rowing will prevent or cause injury.
  2. Managing and Avoiding Lower Back Injury – Strength and Flexibility.  This article stresses the importance of strength and flexibility in your rowing practice.  Included are videos of common strength and flexibility training exercises.