Queensland dragon boat club, Redcliffe Dragons got a huge boost when their new electric hoist was installed by Space Saver Rowing Systems. 

The club has been growing and so storing more boats becomes a problem when they are as heavy as dragon boats.  Thankfully the solution was easy!

Electric boat hoist

When the club started researching now to store more boats they found Australian expert, Douglas Lumsden.  He had already designed an electric boat lifter for rowing boats and small motor boats – tinnys – used in rowing.  It was a relatively easy job to adapt this to a Dragon Boat Stacker.

Tbe team worked hard with the local council authorities to get funding sorted and what a difference it made to the dragon boat storage!


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Welcome video about Redcliffe Dragons

RedCliffe Red Dragons, dragon boating, boat stacker, electric boat hoist, space saver rowing,

RedCliffe Red Dragons Club has a new electric boat h