Rowing Boat Lights:

white-bow-lightAre you an early morning or late night rower? Rowing in the dark is always a dangerous business. If you can’t be seen, you’re risking being run over! Solve that little problem by picking up a Boat Light, brought to us by Rowing Boat Lights for the Canberra regionClick here for more information on Rowing Boat Lights.

Clear Vision Sweat GUTR:

gutrcoupleHow many times have you needed to rub painful sweat out of your eyes when rowing? How many times have you not seen the wonder of your hard fought win when crossing the finish line? Have your glasses fogged up in winter due to sweat? Row with clear vision & without painful eyes with the Sweat GUTR headband… Click here for more information on the Sweat GUTR.

Magnetic Strips for Boathouses:

Looking to label up your boathouse but keep it looking sharp? Well we’re now stocking magnetic strips that are perfect for your Rowing Club! Sticky labels can look nasty and cause a mess, especially when you need to change what’s written on them. Click here for more information on Magnetic Strips for Boathouses