It’s the moment every club committee loathes….. “Hey Coach, we need to make an insurance claim.”

Rowing boat insurance Photo by Lukas Juhas on Unsplash

Rowing Boat Insurance

Insuring your boat fleet is a requirement that cannot be avoided.  It is a cost of doing business in the business of running a rowing club.  

Claims are the number one headache for a club committee for three reasons

  1. They take time to submit, process and get paid
  2. They mess with next year’s budget (your premium will surely rise)
  3. You are left without key equipment while getting a replacement.

Do you know When most damage to rowing boats occurs?

It’s when it is stored in the boathouse.  I got this from Mike Davenport’s article 21 tips for safer rowing equipment storage.

An insurance company rep, who knows his stuff, told me more damage happens during rowing equipment storage and transport than does while it is rowed.

I am a believer.

Yes, surprising isn’t it?  I would have expected it to be at regattas or during rowing outings when collisions happen.  Clearly I am mistaken.

Safe rowing equipment storage

Well it goes without saying that this is the reason Space Saver Rowing exists – we make robust storage solutions so your expensive equipment is stored safely.  Oar Brackets, Sliding Boat Racks or a full boathouse redevelopment and refurbishment plan. 

Don’t get caught out. 

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