Space Saver brings the Connect-A-Dock Rowing Pontoon to Aus

The Connect-A-Dock rowing pontoon brings convenience, reliability, safety and enjoyment to your rowing club. SSRS are proud to be the Australian reseller for Connect-A-Dock:

Connect-A-Dock specifications

We stock the 1000 Series from Connect-A-Dock which:

  • adjusts to fluctuating water conditions
  • has a modular design
  • is easy to install
  • uses a wood grain anti-skid surface
  • boasts UV protection
  • is environmentally friendly
  • will not deteriorate in saltwater conditions

ACT Rowing Club assembled a collection of their own Connect-A-Dock pontoons. These three 4m x 15m pontoons in the picture below were constructed and ready for anchoring in only 4 hours. They invited the Canberra rowing community to help complete the work; no specialised skills required and smiles all round at how easy the job was.

three floating pontoons 005 (800x598) (800x598)So what does a rowing pontoon do for your club?

The biggest core features of an appealing rowing pontoon are safety and convenience, and the Connect-A-Dock brings both to it’s setup. Having a pontoon also gives your local rowing community a better way to enjoy the water so you’ll be the most well known club around.

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