Over the festive season, motivation and focus during training can wane slightly. It’s to be expected and to be fair, your crew have probably earned themselves a rest. How about mixing up their training next time to something still beneficial, but with a bigger emphasis on fun? The camaraderie built during these sessions can be equally beneficial as strength and fitness for upcoming competitions.

So, why not treat your crews and do something a little bit different with your rowing sessions over the festive period?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, Space Saver Rowing have thought up a few training ideas for you!

Dress Up Outings

Does your coxswain need a boost in confidence? Dress him/her as Darth Vader! Stroke seat not working hard enough? Super(wo)man is the costume for them! The possibilities are only limited by your creativity and imagination. A great way to let off some steam and have fun, while still pushing your crew to their limit.

best rowing costume #starwars

Regatta II – The Empire Rows Back

Seat Swapping / Side Swapping

Set your crew the challenge of swapping seats with their crew during their outing (insert evil laugh here). Balance and teamwork get put to the test in this fun attempt to change positions without flipping into the water!

Whole Crew Stand Up!

crew standingup

Bonus points for smiling!

An extension of seat swapping, can you get the whole crew to stand up? If that is too easy, can they all get their hands high above their heads? A fun exercise to finish a session off with.

Try These Drills to Test the Skills of your Crew:

Sweep Drills:

  • Square blades with inside hand on the back stay
  • Crossed arms outside over inside
  • Mexican wave with outside arm during recovery (with sound effects!) – Ole!

Sculling Drills:

  • Sculling Wide Grip
  • Open Palm Sculling

Drills for Sculling and Sweeping:

  • Feet out on top of the shoes (add square blades to make this even harder!)
  • Speed Challenge – You will need a means of measuring your speed. One pair go at full speed, everyone else goes at half. Then you switch. Who can top out with the highest number over 30 strokes?

Combine Rowing and Yoga?


For when there’s just not enough time in the day to do each activity separately

And if you need some extra inspiration for skills and tricks, check out this video from the French Rowing Team.

Happy Holidays from Space Saver Rowing Systems!